What is Living A Coaching Lifestyle? | LaCL: Living A Coaching Lifestyle

In one line, what is living a coaching lifestyle?

LaCL is a way to consciously live your life.

What are the benefit of living a coaching lifestyle?

There are two main ones really: happiness and effectiveness. You will be happier as a result. You will also be in more control of your life.

How difficult is it to adhere to these principles?

You don’t have to adhere to anything. The whole purpose of the book is to help you design your version of living the coaching lifestyle. There is no one version; it is your personalized way.

So you are not offering a prescription of how to live your life?

I am offering a basic set of tools that you will take and use to imaginatively create your own lifestyle, one that works for you.

In what way is what you are doing different to other personal development books and programmes?

Many self-help books tell you what to do. This book doesn’t tell you what to do. It helps you frame the right questions and come to your own solutions.

It is about both personal development and professional development. Is there a big difference?

The same principles apply to both. In the end, in the personal sense, you are final arbiter of what you want your life to be. In the professional sense, it enables you to work with other people to create a better environment.

How realistic is it to expect this approach to make an impact on a group of people or on an organization?

The starting point of any change is one person on one person, and that change will eventually ripple out to more people and then more people. But the fundamental building block is one person to one person; it’s the person in front of you.

You’ve done a lot of teaching and coaching using these principles. What is the response you get from your audience?

This book and associated programme is the culmination of 14 years of my leadership development and coaching experience and the response is generally extremely positive. In fact, people have said it is “life transforming”.

Most people get the idea of the benefits of increased personal development. In addition, they often say they have increased their self awareness, confidence, clarity in their life management – and are more willing to take responsibility for themselves rather than blame someone else.