What is Living a Christian Lifestyle? | LaCL: Living A Coaching Lifestyle


What is Living A Christian Lifestyle?

Living A Christian Lifestyle is designed to help you develop a deeper relationship with God. This book is aimed at believing Christians or people searching for faith.


The programme 

The Living A Christian Lifestyle programme (LaCL) consists of thirty bite-sized learning steps that will build your faith. The programme is structured in three modules, each containing ten learning steps:  

Module 1: Redemptive listening – two ears and one mouth  

Module 2: Questioning for depth and breadth – seek and you will find 

Module 3: Making it happen – living the life of a disciple


The benefits

Our challenge as Christians is to become progressively more and more like Jesus. My desire is to live a lifestyle that reflects the example and teachings of my Lord and Saviour. This is a life’s work. I do not claim to have all the answers, but I do believe I have crafted a programme that will both support and challenge you in your search for deeper faith. 

The material is designed to be studied flexibly, you can customise your approach to suit your personal circumstances. Each of the thirty learning steps: 

· starts with a passage of scripture (two translations)

· contains some explanatory text

· invites reflection and prayer

· is summarised as a tweet 

Living A Christian lifestyle is designed to be simple – walk in step with God, seek His face and listen to His guidance.