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Coaching resources & further reading

These books and resources have shaped my thinking.


Alexander, G. & Renshaw, B. (2005) Supercoaching Random House

Bacon, T. & Spear, K. (2003) Adaptive Coaching Davies-Black

Blakey, J. & Day, I. (2012) Challenging Coaching Nicholas Brealey

Downey, M. (1999) Effective Coaching Orion Business

Biswas-Diener, R. & Dean, B. (2007) Positive Psychology Coaching John Wiley

Neale, S. Spencer Arnell, L. & Wilson, L. (2009) Emotional Intelligence Coaching Kogan Page

Scoular, A. (2011) Business Coaching Prentice Hall

Stanier, M. B. (2016) The Coaching Habit Box of Crayons Press

Van Nieuwerburgh, C (2012) Coaching in Education Karnac Books

Stoltzfus, T. (2005) Leadership Coaching Coach 22

Taylor, D. (2007) The Naked Coach Capstone

Whitmore, J. (2002) Coaching for Performance Nicholas Brealey


Brown, B. (2010) The Gifts of Imperfection Hazelden

Brown, B. (2012) Daring Greatly Penguin Random House

Cameron, J. (1994) The Artist’s Way Souvenir Press

Cashman, C. (2008) Leadership From The Inside Out Berret-Koehler

Dweck, C (2006) Mindset: How You Can Fulfil Your Potential Constable & Robinson

Dyer, W. (2010) The Power of Intention Hay House

Fredrickson, B. (2009) Positivity Oneworld Publications

Gallwey, T. (1974) The Inner Game of Tennis Pan

Jackson-Brown, H. (2012) Life’s Little Instruction Book Thomas Nelson

Harrison, R. (1987) Organization Culture and Quality of Service AMED

Helmstetter, S. (1986) What To Say When You Talk To Yourself Thorsons

Lund, P. (1994) Building The Happiness-centred Business Solutions Press

Maltz, M. (1960) Psycho-cybernetics Prentice-Hall

Noon, J. (1985) A Time Chapman & Hall

Peters, S. (2012) The Chimp Paradox Vermilion

Ratcliffe, S (2012) Leadership Plain and Simple FT Publishing

Seldon, A (2016) Beyond Happiness Yellow Kite

Seligman, M. (1990) Learned Optimism Random House

Seligman, M. (2011) Flourish Nicholas Brealey

Suggett, E. N. (2006) Time for Coaching NCSL

Syed, M. (2015) Black Box Thinking John Murray Publishers

Tomsett, J. (2015) This Much I Know About Love Over Fear Crown House

Waitley, D. (1995) Empires of the Mind Nicholas Brealey